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>Creative Design/Lifestyle/Technology Research<

>Creative Design/Lifestyle/Technology Research<

>>Transit Space: nomads mobile place, An urban nomads lifestyle evolution.
© 2004 Widianto UTOMO| designer, Widianto UTOMO. All rights reserved.

Introduction of transit space.
What is transit space?
In order to give an idea of what is transit space in term of spatiality context, we will look at on brief definition of space itself, what is space and place in relation to the transit space.

A place (lieu) is the order of things according to which elements that are distributed in relationships of coexistence.
Therefore it excludes the possibility of two things being in the same location (place) at the same time, based on the law of the proper rules in the place.
The elements taken into consideration are beside one another, each situated in its own proper and distinct location that defines.
A place is thus an instantaneous configuration of positions and implies an indication of stability.

While, a space (espace) exists when one takes into consideration vectors of direction, velocities and time variables. Therefore space is composed of intersections of mobile elements where is assemble of movements deployed within.
Moreover space occurs as the effect produced by the operations that orient it, situate it, demoralize it, and make it function in a polyvalent unity of confliction programs or contractual proximities.
Space can be defined as a practiced place for instance the street that is geometrically defined by the urban planning is then transformed into a space by walkers.
Transit space is a metaphor for new urban spaces: forerunners of globalization processes, and laboratories marked by a new extent of sudden and rapid changes, uncertainties and insecurities.
When cities becoming transit places it will then makes the new definition and change to the urban space where flexibility and mobility become key qualities.

It will then will reshape and shift the relationship of space and society as the consequences. Where at the same time new spatial orders with a transnational range are being superimposed on the familiar territories lines.
It will then create new blur territory from existing the spatial border.

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>>Odysseus, where the world without limit.
(c) 2006, Widianto UTOMO| designer, Widianto UTOMO. All rights reserved.
Odysseus, where the world without limit.
(The unlimited world of urban nomads' lifestyle).

Odysseus is a new concept company brand that initially has main business in men's (as urban nomad) lifestyle design- fashion and accessories.
Odysseus branch is inspired from urban nomads concept.
Urban nomads (modern nomads) keywords: mobility, independent, individuality, modern-contemporary living/lifestyle, independent that interdependent (social creature), smart, minimalist/simplicity and flexibility.
Odysseus as brand concept keywords: wisdom, power, mobility, inner beauty and authority.
Urban nomads concept as base of inspirations:

-"Urban Nomads: a lifestyle transformation from passive to fully mobile integrated being"
-"Transit Space: nomads mobile place. An urban nomads lifestyle evolution",
-Odysseus- Men- Pret a porter- spring summer 2007 (ready wear, t -shirt, bag, shoes, sunglasses),

In its further development Odysseus brand, it will not only design for fashion but also about system and lifestyle of urban nomads (diagram). It shows its main business, line extension, its brand extension and brand stretch.

This paper will be then discuss its brand extension/stretching strategy only, and hopefully it will give an idea how design business in the near future will take shape.

Further reading:
-E-book 2006, Widianto Utomo, designer.
-full version: on request.
>>The Creative Partnership in the New Made in Italy, Alessi-Sony, New Strategic Business Alliance Scenario.

Alessi-Sony New Strategic Business Alliance Scenario,
© 2004, Widianto UTOMO| designer, Widianto UTOMO. All rights reserved.

Proliferation of global economy and world business will make the world become smaller in term of distant and connectivity. At the same time world globalization will draw closer the boundary between one and another country and yet make it becomes more ambiguous.
As a result, it will make easier and faster than before for people moving from one place to another places to conduct any businesses while together they may have business and production plants offshore both for local or export market in order to cut the production cost while increasing the company earning.

Following the rapid development of information technology will allow many businesses can be conducted virtually using the advantages of Internet. It will give opportunity to every business players to make better and efficient business networking for new market opening, better understanding of the local market and better market penetration, yet more organized in term of the company management and organization.
As it will be able to cut the organization branch and company operation cost while together will be able to increase the market penetration/share due to new business networking and alliances.

Therefore, strategic business alliance between companies should be seen as good opportunity to built business network and new market share penetration for both companies benefit.

Further reading:
-E-book2 2000-2004, Widianto Utomo, designer (early professional works).
-full version: on request.